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MCO P1020.34G (Ch 1-5)
Marine Corps Uniform Regulations  
(draft with
approved changes
This is the m
ost up to date version of the order.  Those changes are already reflected in this version of the regulations.  Changes 1-5 (as annotated in the attached text) are valid and published via the MC Publications website.  Changes annotated as change 6 are pending future publication, but can be acted upon now if the change is attributed to an ALMAR/MARADMIN or PMCUB decision.  The majority of the non-attributed change 6 changes are grammatical or administrative changes that do not affect policy.

MCO P10120.28G
Individual Clothing Regulations (ICR)

MCBUL 10120
FY10 Individual Clothing Regulations

Downloadable copy (Requires military email address):

      MCO P1020.34G (official order)
MCO P10120.28

Approved Regulations Changes
Uniform Regs changes pending publication on the HQMC publication website.

Combat Equipment Support Systems, Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment website

Appropriate Wear of the Uniform & Medals/Ribbons
For guidance on who "rates" to wear the Marine Corps uniforms and medals/ribbons and how to report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Allowances (Civilian Clothing)
Research and Development

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Only plate XIV (Combat Utility Uniform) is still in print and available for order.  The PCN is 100-103-622-00.  None of the other uniform plates are in print, and are thus out of circulation.  Unless the Historical Division re-prints these plates you will not be able to procure sets of prints.


"To balance the individual Marine's need for 'best value' clothing in terms of practicality, quality and cost within realistic supply support and fiscal constraints to ensure that the Marine Corps maintains functional, traditional and distinctive uniforms."

Marine Corps Running Suit Distribution Information:  

Uniforms will be ordered electronically through the Kentucky Logistics Operations Center (KYLOC).  To directly access the KyloC ordering/processing system please click here.  Uniforms will be individually packed and shipped to the Marine's UIC/DODIC, not to the individual Marine.  When ordering uniforms it is important that each Marine know their inseam, waist, and hip measurements. If a Marine is due to PCS shortly, it is recommended that the uniform not be ordered until the Marine reports to the new duty station (do not assume it will get there before you leave or that it will follow you to your new duty station).  Try on your suit at supply before you formally accept it.  If it doesn’t fit, then return it and re-submit your order.

--All Marines will be issued one full set between February 2008 and 30 September 2010 (dates may shift based off production).
--The mandatory possession date is 1 Oct 2010.
--Suits will not be available for purchase in the military clothing stores until the initial distribution is completed.
--After receiving the initial issue it is the Marine's responsibility to maintain the uniform, however the Marine's ability to replace a damaged item before the initial Corps-wide issue is completed may be severely limited (impossible in some locations).
--The uniform was not designed to be form fitting.
--Wear regulations may be reviewed at
ALMAR 019/08 and have been incorporated into the draft version of MCO P1020.34G on the left side of this page.  It is important to note that only the jacket may be worn for non-PT leave and liberty.  The full suit or individual components may be worn for PT leave and liberty situations only, but at no time should the olive green sweat suit be worn with the uniform.  The wear of the reflective belt (during hours of daylight or darkness) with this uniform is a safety issue and is up to the commander.  This same ALMAR prohibited the non-PT leave and liberty wear of the green undershirt and general purpose trunks, as well.


UNIFORM BOARD 211 RESULTS PUBLISHED.  MARADMIN 704/09 published the results of Uniform Board 211.  The text changes to MCO P1020.34G may be viewed here.


HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS.  Effective immediately, in a garrison environment you may not put your hands in your pockets other than to retrieve something from said pockets, at anytime.  However, good judgment will govern the application of this policy in the field environment. 

The wear regulations are currently being re-written.  Until that guidance is published, the below guidance should be followed.  As stated in Chapter 7 of MCO P1020.34G (Marine Corps Uniform Regulations), organizational clothing and equipment are those individual clothing items issued to Marines on a temporary basis to accomplish assigned duties and are worn per the commander's guidance; however, certain restrictions apply to the wear of fleece items.  Accordingly, AT NO TIME SHOULD ANY FLEECE ITEM BE WORN AS AN OUTER GARMENT ON FORWARD OPERATING BASE AND/OR IN GARRISON.  When wearing an organizationally issued fleece jacket, it will be worn with the All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS, commonly referred to as Gortex) parka over it. Additionally, the general rule of thumb for all clothing items is that if it is a pullover (item that must be pulled over your head to don), it is worn UNDER your Marine Corps Combat Utility (MCCUU) jacket; if it is a full zippered jacket, it is worn OVER your MCCUU jacket.

ORDERING THE 8th&I BLUE OVERCOAT.  Neptune Garment Company is now available to take new orders for the 8th&I blue overcoat (they have fulfilled their inauguration coat requirement), so if your unit needs a ceremonial blue overcoat (remember, commands must pay for this themselves), contact 1-800-320-3980 or email 

MARADMIN 361/08 released the results of this Board.  In summary, CMC approved the wear of the CSEL ID badge by senior Sailors on the MCCUU (see the MARADMIN for a list of qualified billets) and increased the maximum allowable height of the female pump to 3-inches.  CMC disapproved the addition of reflectivity to the standard PT uniform (shirt, shorts, sweats) and re-emphasized that male officers must wear their white soft-bosum shirt under their dress blue coat.   The request for an additional set of desert and woodland utilities for recruits (and a subsequent increase in the mandatory possession list) was approved but is pending funding.

007/08 the Marine Corps will now transition between summer and winter seasons, while in garrison, in unison.  The seasonal uniform change will synchronize with daylight saving time.  Effective immediately, the Corps will transition to summer uniforms the duty day following (for most Marines it will be Monday) the spring daylight saving  (DST) and will transition to winter uniforms the duty day following (for most Marines it will be Monday) the fall DST.  Commanders may authorize temporary deviations in the sleeve position in inclement weather (this is not an individual's option, and should be done facility-wide in order to maintain uniformity).  For the most part, pregnant Marines wear the seasonally appropriate uniform.  However, some pregnant Marines will not transition with the rest of the Corps if their delivery date is within one month of the seasonal uniform change. 

DRESS BLUE UNIFORM ISSUE (MARADMIN 504/07).  Per CMC Decision, recruits started receiving the dress blue uniform via initial issue in the first quarter of FY08.  Those individuals are required to maintain the uniform and may be mandated to wear it.  Those enlisted Marine who entered the Corps prior to the issue began receiving additional money via their annual clothing replacement allowance on 1 Oct 2007, but will not accrue enough to purchase the full uniform four years.  Prior to that only officers and those enlisted Marines who received the uniform via initial issue may be mandated to wear the uniform.  The mandatory possession date is 1 Oct 2011.  Remember SNCOs – your summer dress uniform is the blue-whites and you will need to have the white trousers (male) and skirt/slacks (female) by 1 Oct 2011.

CMC DECISION; WEAR OF COMBAT UTILITIES BY CIVILIAN MARINES AND CONTRACTORS DEPLOYING WITH MARINE UNITS (ALMAR 04/08)  Civilians (contractors and civil servants) are no longer authorized to wear the MCCUU.  Civilians will wear the standard DoD camouflage utility uniform or other special issue uniforms as determined by the commander.  This prohibition does not apply to the boots or the collateral combat equipment.  See the ALMAR for specific instructions on turn in/issue of uniforms.

UNIFORM BOARD 209; GROOMING STANDARDS REVISION Per CMC decision memo of 11 Jul 07 (and MARADMIN 504/07), paragraphs 1004 and 1005 have been significantly revised.  See the attached changes here

NEW FEMALE FRAME CAPS The new female frame cap was scheduled to begin fielding in early FY09, but because of manufacturing/design problems its adoption of a single frame cap was disapproved, however the design was retained.  In April 2009, CMC approved the two cap version of the female frame cap, and it will be replacing the old caps in the near future.  The introduction and mandatory possession dates will be determined in the near future.  See graphics here.

WEAR OF THE COMBAT UTILITY UNIFORM  Per ALMAR 035/07, when the combat utility uniform is worn during the summer months the desert MarPat uniform will be worn with the sleeves up.  In the winter the woodland MarPat will be worn with the sleeves down.  Effective immediately, if you are wearing the combat utility uniform you may not do so out in town/off base.  If you commute in the uniform you may exit your vehicle only in bona fide emergencies.  Waiver requests to these policy changes may be submitted to CMC via the Uniform Board (see POC below). 


--Uniform Board No. 211 (Action Complete)  MARADMIN 704/09 published.  Text changes can be found here.

Ø       Deem officer sword optional (CMC disapproved)

Ø       Revise insignia placement guidance for Marine Gunner Insignia (CMC approved)

Ø       Authorize white synthetic undershirts (CMC approved)

Ø       MCCUU caps for wear with flight suits (CMC approved)

Ø       Prohibit wear of ECWS items with civilian attire (CMC approved)

Ø       Revise awards/badges placement guidance on women’s coats (CMC approved)

Ø       Olive Mojave undershirts with MCCUUs (CMC disapproved)

Ø       Several supplemental uniform allowance requests

--Uniform Board No. 210 (Action Complete).  Click here for results. 




Civilian Clothing Replacement Allowance Rates (CCRA)

The FY10 rate is $310.08.  The.  The following rates for past FYs are provided:  FY09 - $306.92; FY08 - $300.90; FY07 - $293.77FY06 - $287.45, FY05 -$281.81, FY04- $278.19, FY03- $274.01, FY02 - $270.49, and FY01 - $266.49.              
MCUB BRIEFING (an overview of the MCUB functional areas/processes)
Rank Placement Slideshow  Slideshow depicting how to place enlisted rank insignia on the combat utility uniform (Special thanks to SSgt J. R. Sornig, creator of the slideshow)




Enlisted Insignia (grade, branch of service, breast insignia...)




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