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Program Manager for Ammuniton
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In support of the National Strategic Plan and Defense Planning Guidance, PM Ammo will conduct/leverage research, development, and acquisition activities, and execute post-production total life cycle management support for all conventional ground ammunition required by Marine Forces to train for, and successfully conduct Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare.

Our mission is clear. Introducing military munitions into the Marine Corps stockpile, and managing all facets thereafter. From formulating budgets and developing acquisition strategies, to procuring and disposing of munitions, PM Ammo supports the complete or total life cycle of ground conventional ammunition and explosives for our Corps.


We envision a future where we meet the President’s, Secretaries of Defense and Navy, CMC and COMMARCORSYSCOM transformation initiatives, anticipate and meet emerging challenges, and shape the future of our commodity by closely scrutinizing processes, challenging assumptions, and changing when necessary. [More Information]

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Program Manager for Ammunition,
2012-2016 Conventional Ammunition Strategic Plan Total Ammunition Management Information System

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