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Configuration Management Plan

Allocated Baseline


The allocated baseline is, in reality, a composite of a series of allocated baselines. Each allocated baseline consists of the Allocated Configuration Documentation (ACD) which is the current approved performance oriented documentation governing the development of a configuration item (CI), in which each CI specification:

  • Defines the functional and interface characteristics that are allocated from those of the system or higher level CI.
  • Establishes the verification required to demonstrate achievement of its functional characteristics.
  • Delineates necessary interface requirements with other associated CIs, and
  • Establishes design constraints, if any, such as component standardization, use of inventory items, and acquisition logistics support requirements.

Allocated baseline definition - The current approved performance oriented documentation, for a CI to be developed, which describes the functional and interface characteristics that are allocated from those of the higher level CI and the verification required to demonstrate achievement of those specified characteristics.

Allocated configuration documentation describes the configuration item's functional, performance, interoperability, and interface requirements that are allocated from those of a system or higher level configuration item; interface requirements with interfacing configuration items; and the verifications required to confirm the achievement of those specified requirements.

The establishment of a set of final item-level design requirements represents the definition of the allocated baseline for the system.

The allocated baseline correlates to the second and lower levels of the work breakdown structure.



The contractor set system allocated baseline is established by the engineering documentation (drawings, specification, and software) approved at completion of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and, where applicable, the Software Specification Review (SSR). Government approval shall be required prior to making changes to the allocated baseline.



The System PM establishes/approves the allocated baseline(s) and acts as the Configuration Documentation Change Authority (CDCA) for the system and for those CI that are under Government management.

The contractor approves the allocated baseline(s) and acts as the CDCA for those CI that are under contractor management.



Terms and Definitions

General References

Specific references:

  • MIL-HDBK-61A [1], par 5.5 (NOTE: MIL-HDBK-61A has not yet been updated in accordance with the new DoDI 5000.2, May 2003)

There are two primary reviews normally associated with the allocated baseline: the Software Specification Review (SSR) and the Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Interface requirements for the system and its CI that must be controlled by the Government must be incorporated into the allocated baseline(s). They are defined in the system and item specifications.

The allocated baseline documentation defines the allocated requirements (from the functional baseline or a higher level CI) in:

  • Assembly and component interface specifications
  • Subsystem specifications
  • Assembly specifications
  • An item or software requirements specification.
  • Interface control documents,
  • Interface requirements specifications,
  • Item/software requirements specifications for lower-level CI, if any)
  • Integrated database that captures the design, data, models and tools used, metrics, changes, design rationale, and other pertinent information on decisions or clarification made to subsystem requirements.


[1] Go to Defense Standardization Program Office, ASSIST Database for the most up-to-date and ONLY official version of MIL-HDBK-61A. (


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