GCSS-MC Benefits

The most compelling reason for implementing GCSS-MC is the Marine Corps’ need for state-of-the-art logistics functionality to maintain a lethal and agile combat capability. Currently, the Marine Corps is relying on logistics systems that were designed in the 1960s; these antiquated systems and processes cannot provide the level of support required by modern warfighters. Commanders need data and decision-support capabilities that provide them total asset visibility. GCSS-MC will enable streamlined processes and provide accurate, near-real-time visibility of data. The resulting enterprise-wide visibility of data will allow logistics planners and operators to make decisions about their supply chain based on reliable information.

Benefits to Finance

For Marines who perform finance functions, GCSS-MC provides the capability to manage financials on a near-real time basis. GCSS-MC uses the same system to order supplies and equipment. Purchase requests placed into the system will generate a request to SABRS (the official USMC finance system) for funds availability check and will ensure accurate accounting of funds committed and obligated. SABRS will process the request in real time. If the purchase request passes the funds check and the line of accounting is correct, SABRS will pass a positive acknowledgement to GCSS-MC and the order will be forwarded to the appropriate purchasing/contracting activity. If the purchase request fails the SABRS review, a negative response will be sent to GCSS-MC with an error code that will require the initiator to take appropriate action.

Benefits to Maintenance Personnel

For Marines who perform maintenance functions, GCSS-MC provides the capability to see what equipment needs to be repaired, where the parts are located, and who is available to perform the work. GCSS-MC will provide one point of entry for all requests, eliminating the paper-based Equipment Repair Order (ERO) used today. Requests can be routed automatically by selecting the appropriate approving group/subgroup, thus increasing efficiency and accuracy. Preventive Maintenance (PM) management will also become automated. A Maintenance Marine will be able to easily run a PM or calibration report to identify equipment that requires future maintenance. The Maintainer will be able to plan for, and schedule, maintenance resources and will also have the ability to review item configuration, readiness information, and past historical and ownership in a data repository environment known as the Install Base.

Benefits to Supply

For Marines who perform supply functions, GCSS-MC will enable more efficient inventory planning. GCSS-MC provides the capability to determine when and where supplies, such as inventory, purchase orders, and work orders, should be deployed within an extended supply chain. GCSS-MC also provides the capability to manage a service parts inventory in a multi-location environment. Marines will be able to create and maintain inventory organizations, sub-inventories and stock locators as well as perform sub-inventory transfers. Using GCSS-MC, Marines will have the capability to project future requisitions of consumables, reparables, and general supply items at the MAGTF level based on expiration dates, lot numbers, and usage. Marines will also have the capability to source an item from an external vendor and create a purchase requisition for items not available internally at the retail level.