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252.201-7000 Contracting Officer's Representative.

252.203-7000  Requirements Relating to Compensation of Former DoD Officials.

252.203-7001 Prohibition on Persons Convicted of Fraud or Other Defense-Contract-Related Felonies.

252.203-7002  Requirement to Inform Employees of Whistleblower Rights.

252.204-7000 Disclosure of Information.

252.204-7001 Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code Reporting.

252.204-7002 Payment for Subline Items Not Separately Priced.

252.204-7003 Control of Government Personnel Work Product.

252.204-7004 Central Contractor Registration (52.204-7) Alternate A

252.204-7005 Oral Attestation of Security Responsibilities.

252.204-7006  Billing Instructions.

252.204-7007 Annual Representations and Certifications.

252.204-7008  Requirements for contracts involving export-controlled items.

252.204-7009  Requirements regarding potential access to export-controlled items.

252.204-7010  Requirement for Contractor to Notify DoD if the Contractor's Activities are Subject to Reporting Under the U.S.- International Atomic Energy Agency Additional Protocol.

252.205-7000 Provision of Information to Cooperative Agreement Holders.

252.206-7000 Domestic Source Restriction.

252.208-7000 Intent to Furnish Precious Metals as Government-Furnished Material.

252.209-7000 Acquisition from Subcontractors Subject to On-Site Inspection Under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

252.209-7001 Disclosure of Ownership or Control by the Government of a Terrorist Country.

252.209-7002 Disclosure of Ownership or Control by a Foreign Government.

252.209-7003 Reserved.

252.209-7004 Subcontracting with Firms That Are Owned or Controlled by the Government of a Terrorist Country.

252.209-7005 Reserve Officer Training Corps and Military Recruiting on Campus.

252.209-7006 Limitations on Contractors Acting on lead System Integrators.

252.209-7007 Prohibited Financial Interests for Lead System Integrators.

252.211-7000 Acquisition Streamlining.

252.211-7001 Availability of Specifications, Standards, and Data Item Descriptions Not Listed in the Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System (ASSIST), and Plans, Drawings, and Other Pertinent Documents.

252.211-7002 Availability for Examination of Specifications, Standards, Plans, Drawings, Data Item Descriptions, and Other Pertinent Documents.

252.211-7003 Item Identification and Valuation

252.211-7004 Alternate Preservation, Packaging, and Packing.

252.211-7005 Substitutions for Military or Federal Specifications and Standards.

252.211-7006 Radio Frequency Identification.

252.211-7007 Reporting of Government-furnished equipment in the DoD Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry.

252.212-7000 Offeror Representations and Certifications--Commercial Items.

252.212-7001 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders Applicable to Defense Acquisitions of Commercial Items.

252.215-7000 Pricing Adjustments.

252.215-7001 Reserved.

252.215-7002 Cost Estimating System Requirements.

252.215-7003  Excessive pass-through charges--identification of subcontract effort.

252.215-7004  Excessive pass-through charges.

252.215-7005   Evaluation Factor for Employing or Subcontracting With Members of the Selected Reserve.

252.215-7006   Use of Employees or Individual Subcontractors Who Are Members of the Selected Reserve.

252.216-7000 Economic Price Adjustment--Basic Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, or Copper Mill Products.

252.216-7001 Economic Price Adjustment--Nonstandard Steel Items.

252.216-7002  Alternate A, Time-and-Materials/Labor-Hour Proposal Requirements--Non-Commercial Item Acquisition with Adequate Price Competition.

252.216-7003 Economic Price Adjustment--Wage Rates or Material Prices Controlled by a Foreign Government.

252.217-7000 Exercise of Option to Fulfill Foreign Military Sales Commitments.

252.217-7001 Surge Option.

252.217-7002 Offering Property for Exchange.

252.217-7003 Changes.

252.217-7004 Job Orders and Compensation.

252.217-7005 Inspection and Manner of Doing Work.

252.217-7006 Title.

252.217-7007 Payments.

252.217-7008 Bonds.

252.217-7009 Default.

252.217-7010 Performance.

252.217-7011 Access to Vessel.

252.217-7012 Liability and Insurance.

252.217-7013 Guarantees.

252.217-7014 Discharge of Liens.

252.217-7015 Safety and Health.

252.217-7016 Plant Protection.

252.217-7017 Reserved.

252.217-7018 Reserved.

252.217-7019 Reserved.

252.217-7020 Reserved.

252.217-7021 Reserved.

252.217-7022 Reserved.

252.217-7023 Reserved.

252.217-7024 Reserved.

252.217-7025 Reserved.

252.217-7026 Identification of Sources of Supply.

252.217-7027 Contract Definitization.

252.217-7028 Over and Above Work.

252.219-7000 Reserved.

252.219-7001 Reserved.

252.219-7002 Reserved.

252.219-7003 Small Business Subcontracting Plan (DoD Contracts).

252.219-7003 Small Business Subcontracting Plan (DoD Contracts) (Deviation).

252.219-7004 Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Test Program).

252.219-7004 Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Test Program) (Deviation).

252.219-7005 Reserved.

252.219-7006 Reserved.

252.219-7007 Reserved.

252.219-7008 Reserved.

252.219-7009 Section 8(a) Direct Award.

252.219-7010 Alternate A.

252.219-7011 Notification to Delay Performance.

252.222-7000 Restrictions on Employment of Personnel.

252.222-7001 Right of First Refusal of Employment--Closure of Military Installations.

252.222-7002 Compliance with Local Labor Laws (Overseas).

252.222-7003 Permit from Italian Inspectorate of Labor.

252.222-7004 Compliance with Spanish Social Security Laws and Regulations.

252.222-7005 Prohibition on Use of Nonimmigrant Aliens--Guam.

252.222-7006 Reserved.

252.223-7000 Reserved.

252.223-7001 Hazard Warning Labels.

252.223-7002 Safety Precautions for Ammunition and Explosives.

252.223-7003 Change in Place of Performance--Ammunition and Explosives.

252.223-7004 Drug-Free Work Force.

252.223-7005 Reserved.

252.223-7006 Prohibition on Storage and Disposal of Toxic and Hazardous Materials.

252.223-7007 Safeguarding Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives.

252.225-7000 Buy American Act--Balance of Payments Program Certificate.

252.225-7001 Buy American Act and Balance of Payments Program.

252.225-7002 Qualifying Country Sources as Subcontractors.

252.225-7003 Report of Intended Performance Outside the United States and Canada--Submission with offer.

252.225-7004 Reporting of Contract Performance Outside the United States and Canada--Submission after award.

252.225-7005 Identification of Expenditures in the United States.

252.225-7006 Quarterly Reporting of Actual Contract Performance Outside the United States.

252.225-7007 Prohibition on acquisition of United States Munitions List Items from communist Chinese  military companies.

252.225-7008 Reserved.

252.225-7009 Reserved.

252.225-7010 Reserved.

252.225-7011 Restriction on Acquisition of Supercomputers.

252.225-7012 Preference for Certain Domestic Commodities.

252.225-7013 Duty-Free Entry.

252.225-7014 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals.

252.225-7014 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals (Deviation).

252.225-7015 Restriction on Acquisition of Hand or Measuring Tool.

252.225-7016 Restriction on Acquisition of Ball and Roller Bearings.

252.225-7017 Reserved.

252.225-7018 Notice of Prohibition of Certain Contracts with Foreign Entities for the Conduct of Ballistic Missile Defense RDT&E.

252.225-7019 Restriction on Acquisition of Anchor and Mooring Chain.

252.225-7020 Trade Agreements Certificate.

252.225-7021 Trade Agreements.

252.225-7022  Trade Agreements Certificate--Inclusion of Iraqi End Products.

252.225-7023  Preference for Products or Services from Iraq or Afghanistan.

252.225-7024  Requirement for Products or Services from Iraq or Afghanistan.

252.225-7025 Restriction on Acquisition of Forgings.

252.225-7026  Acquisition Restricted to Products or Services from Iraq or Afghanistan.

252.225-7027 Restriction on Contingent Fees for Foreign Military Sales.

252.225-7028 Exclusionary Policies and Practices of Foreign Governments.

252.225-7029 Reserved.

252.225-7030 Restriction on Acquisition of Carbon, Alloy, and Armor Steel Plate.

252.225-7031 Secondary Arab Boycott of Israel.

252.225-7032 Waiver of United Kingdom Levies--Evaluation of Offers.

252.225-7033 Waiver of United Kingdom Levies.

252.225-7034 Reserved.

252.225-7035 Buy American Act--North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act--Balance of Payments Program Certificate.

252.225-7036 Buy American Act--North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act--Balance of Payments Program.

252.225-7037 Evaluation of Offers for Air Circuit Breakers.

252.225-7038 Restriction on Acquisition for Circuit Breakers.

252.225-7040 Contractor Personnel Authorized To Accompany U.S. Armed Forces Deployed Outside The United States.


252.225-7041 Correspondence in English.

252.225-7042 Authorization to Perform.

252.225-7043 Antiterrorism/Force Protection Policy for Defense Contractors Outside the United States.

252.225-7044  Balance of Payments Program--Construction Material.

252.225-7045  Balance of Payments Program--Construction Material Under Trade Agreements.

252.226-7000 Notice of Historically Black College or University and Minority Institution Set-Aside.

252.226-7001 Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian-Owned Economic Enterprises-DoD Contracts

252.227-7000 Non-Estoppel.

252.227-7001 Release of Past Infringement.

252.227-7002 Readjustment of Payments.

252.227-7003 Termination.

252.227-7004 License Grant.

252.227-7005 License Term.

252.227-7006 License Grant--Running Royalty.

252.227-7007 License Term--Running Royalty.

252.227-7008 Computation of Royalties.

252.227-7009 Reporting and Payment of Royalties.

252.227-7010 License to Other Government Agencies.

252.227-7011 Assignments.

252.227-7012 Patent License and Release Contract.

252.227-7013 Rights in Technical Data--Noncommercial Items.

252.227-7014 Rights in Noncommercial Computer Software and Noncommercial Computer Software Documentation.

252.227-7015 Technical Data--Commercial Items.

252.227-7016 Rights in Bid or Proposal Information.

252.227-7017 Identification and Assertion of Use, Release, or Disclosure Restrictions.

252.227-7018 Rights in Noncommercial Technical Data and Computer Software-- Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.

252.227-7019 Validation of Asserted Restrictions--Computer Software.

252.227-7020 Rights in Special Works.

252.227-7021 Rights in Data--Existing Works.

252.227-7022 Government Rights (Unlimited).

252.227-7023 Drawings and Other Data to Become Property of Government.

252.227-7024 Notice and Approval of Restricted Designs.

252.227-7025 Limitations on the Use or Disclosure of Government-Furnished Information Marked with Restrictive Legends.

252.227-7026 Deferred Delivery of Technical Data or Computer Software.

252.227-7027 Deferred Ordering of Technical Data or Computer Software.

252.227-7028 Technical Data or Computer Software Previously Delivered to the Government.

252.227-7029 Reserved.

252.227-7030 Technical Data--Withholding of Payment.

252.227-7031 Reserved.

252.227-7032 Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software (Foreign).

252.227-7033 Rights in Shop Drawings.

252.227-7034 Reserved.

252.227-7035 Reserved.

252.227-7036 Reserved.

252.227-7037 Validation of Restrictive Markings on Technical Data.

252.227-7038  Patent Rights--Ownership by the Contractor (Large Business).

252.227-7039 Patents--Reporting of Subject Inventions.

252.228-7000 Reserved.

252.228-7001 Ground and Flight Risk.

252.228-7002 Aircraft Flight Risk.

252.228-7003 Capture and Detention.

252.228-7004 Bonds or Other Security.

252.228-7005 Accident Reporting and Investigation Involving Aircraft, Missiles, and Space Launch Vehicles.

252.228-7006 Compliance with Spanish Laws and Insurance.

252.229-7000 Invoices Exclusive of Taxes or Duties.

252.229-7001 Tax Relief.

252.229-7002 Customs Exemptions (Germany).

252.229-7003 Tax Exemptions (Italy).

252.229-7004 Status of Contractor as a Direct Contractor (Spain).

252.229-7005 Tax Exemptions (Spain).

252.229-7006 Value Added Tax Exclusion (United Kingdom).

252.229-7007 Verification of United States Receipt of Goods.

252.229-7008 Relief from Import Duty (United Kingdom).

252.229-7009 Relief From Customs Duty and Value Added Tax on Fuel (Passenger Vehicles) (United Kingdom).

252.229-7010 Relief from Customs Duty on Fuel (United Kingdom).

252.231-7000 Supplemental Cost Principles.

252.232-7000 Advance Payment Pool.

252.232-7001 Disposition of Payments.

252.232-7002 Progress Payments for Foreign Military Sales Acquisitions.

252.232-7003 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests.

252.232-7004 DoD Progress Payment Rates.

252.232-7005 Reimbursement of Subcontractor Advance Payments--DoD Pilot Mentor-Protege Program.

252.232-7006 Reserved.

252.232-7007 Limitation of Government's Obligation.

252.232-7008 Assignment of Claims (Overseas).

252.232-7009 Mandatory Payment by Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card.

252.232-7010 Levies on Contract Payments

252.233-7000 Reserved.

252.233-7001 Choice of Law (Overseas).

252.234-7001 Notice of Earned Value Management System.

252.234-7002 Earned Value Management System.

252.235-7000 Indemnification Under 10 U.S.C. 2354--Fixed Price.

252.235-7001 Indemnification Under 10 U.S.C. 2354--Cost Reimbursement.

252.235-7002 Animal Welfare.

252.235-7003 Frequency Authorization.

252.235-7004 Reserved.

252.235-7005 Reserved.

252.235-7006 Reserved.

252.235-7007 Reserved.

252.235-7008 Reserved.

252.235-7009 Reserved.

252.235-7010 Acknowledgement of Support and Disclaimer.

252.235-7011 Final Scientific or Technical Report.

252.236-7000 Modification Proposals--Price Breakdown.

252.236-7001 Contract Drawings and Specifications.

252.236-7002 Obstruction of Navigable Waterways.

252.236-7003 Payment for Mobilization and Preparatory Work.

252.236-7004 Payment for Mobilization and Demobilization.

252.236-7005 Airfield Safety Precautions.

252.236-7006 Cost Limitation.

252.236-7007 Additive or Deductive Items.

252.236-7008 Contract Prices--Bidding Schedules.

252.236-7009 Option for Supervision and Inspection Services.

252.236-7010 Overseas Military Construction--Preference for United States Firms.

252.236-7011 Overseas Architect-Engineer Services--Restriction to United States Firms.

252.236-7012 Military Construction on Kwajalein Atoll--Evaluation Preference.

252.236-7013  Requirement for competition opportunity for american steel producers, fabricators, and manufacturers.

252.237-7000 Notice of Special Standards of Responsibility.

252.237-7001 Compliance with Audit Standards.

252.237-7002 Award to Single Offeror.

252.237-7003 Requirements.

252.237-7004 Area of Performance.

252.237-7005 Performance and Delivery.

252.237-7006 Subcontracting.

252.237-7007 Termination for Default.

252.237-7008 Group Interment.

252.237-7009 Permits.

252.237-7010 Facility Requirements.

252.237-7011 Preparation History.

252.237-7012 Instruction to Offerors (Count-of-Articles).

252.237-7013 Instruction to Offerors (Bulk Weight).

252.237-7014 Loss or Damage (Count-of-Articles).

252.237-7015 Loss or Damage (Weight of Articles).

252.237-7016 Delivery Tickets.

252.237-7017 Individual Laundry.

252.237-7018 Special Definitions of Government Property.

252.237-7019 Reserved.

252.237-7020 Reserved.

252.237-7021 Reserved.

252.237-7022 Services at Installations Being Closed.

252.239-7000 Protection Against Compromising Emanations.

252.239-7001 Information Assurance Contractor Training and Certification.

252.239-7002 Access.

252.239-7003 Removed & Reserved.

252.239-7004 Orders for Facilities and Services--Common Carriers.

252.239-7005 Rates, Charges, and Services--Common Carriers.

252.239-7006 Tariff Information.

252.239-7007 Cancellation or Termination of Orders--Common Carriers.

252.239-7008 Reuse Arrangements.

252.239-7009 Reserved.

252.239-7010 Reserved.

252.239-7011 Special Construction and Equipment Charges.

252.239-7012 Title to Telecommunication Facilities and Equipment.

252.239-7013 Obligation of the Government.

252.239-7014 Term of Agreement.

252.239-7015 Continuation of Communication Service Authorizations.

252.239-7016 Telecommunications Security Equipment, Devices, Techniques, and Services.

252.241-7000 Superseding Contract.

252.241-7001 Government Access.

252.242-7000 [Removed & Reserved].

252.242-7001 [Removed & Reserved.]

252.242-7002 [Removed & Reserved.]

252.242-7003 Application for U.S. Government Shipping Documentation/Instructions.

252.242-7004 Material Management and Accounting System.

252.242-7005 [Removed & Reserved.]

252.242-7006 [Removed & Reserved.]

252.243-7000 Reserved.

252.243-7001 Pricing of Contract Modifications.

252.243-7002 Requests for Equitable Adjustment.

252.244-7000 Subcontracts for Commercial Items and Commercial Components (DoD Contracts).

252.245-7000 Government-Furnished Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy Property.

252.245-7001 Reserved.

252.246-7000 Material Inspection and Receiving Report.

252.246-7001 Warranty of Data.

252.246-7002 Warranty of Construction (Germany).

252.246-7003 Notification of Potential Safety Issues.

252.247-7000 Hardship Conditions.

252.247-7001 Price Adjustment.

252.247-7002 Revision of Prices.

252.247-7003 Reserved.

252.247-7004 Indefinite Quantities--Fixed Charges.

252.247-7005 Indefinite Quantities--No Fixed Charges.

252.247-7006 Removal of Contractor's Employees.

252.247-7007 Liability and Insurance.

252.247-7008 Evaluation of Bids.

252.247-7009 Award.

252.247-7010 Scope of Contract.

252.247-7011 Period of Contract.

252.247-7012 Ordering Limitation.

252.247-7013 Contract Areas of Performance.

252.247-7014 Demurrage.

252.247-7015 Requirements.

252.247-7016 Contractor Liability for Loss or Damage.

252.247-7017 Erroneous Shipments.

252.247-7018 Subcontracting.

252.247-7019 Drayage.

252.247-7020 Additional Services.

252.247-7021 Returnable Containers Other Than Cylinders.

252.247-7022 Representation of Extent of Transportation by Sea.

252.247-7023 Transportation of Supplies by Sea.

252.247-7024 Notification of Transportation of Supplies by Sea.

252.247-7025 Reflagging or Repair Work.

252.247-7026 Evaluation Preference For Use of Domestic Shipyards--Applicable To Acquisition of Carriage by Vessel for DoD Cargo in the Coastwise or Noncontiguous Trade.

252.249-7000 Special Termination Costs.

252.249-7001 Reserved.

252.249-7002 Notification of Anticipated Contract Termination or Reduction.

252.251-7000 Ordering From Government Supply Sources.

252.251-7001 Use of Interagency Fleet Management System (IFMS) Vehicles and