N093-163Innovative Heat Source Concepts for Field Food Service Equipment


U.S. Marine Corps
Small Business Research Program
2200 Lester St. Quantico VA 22134

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OBJECTIVE: Develop and demonstrate an alternative heat source for current and future field food service equipment.
			DESCRIPTION: The current common heat source for Marine Corps food service equipment is the Babington Airtronic burner.  This burner was fielded in 1996 as the heating source for the Tray Ration Heating System (TRHS), NSN 7310-01-295-7479.  The same burner was later included as a retrofit in the M-59 field range, NSN 7360-00-082-2153.
			As part of the current Marine Corps field feeding common burner concept, the same burner is being used in the development of the Expeditionary Field Kitchen (EFK). The current EFK prototypes use the Airtronic burner in multiple appliances to include the TRHS, a field sanitation unit (FSU), a tilt skillet, a combination oven, field ranges, and stock pots. A modern, alternate heat source is needed that can augment or replace the current burner system.  A future heat source will need to be environmentally friendly, low in power consumption, and simple in design and maintenance.
			PHASE I: The developer will expand on the proposed concept and demonstrate feasibility of using the concept as a replacement in current systems.
			PHASE II: The contractor will develop a manufacturable prototype capable of performing in multiple field food service appliances in a wide range of environments.
			PHASE III: Multiple branches of the US military have a need for a reliable, efficient heat source for their field food service equipment.
			PRIVATE SECTOR COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL/DUAL-USE APPLICATIONS: Development of an energy efficient heat source could be used in multiple applications in the food service industry as well as in Humanaitarian Aid and Disaster Relief environments.
			1.  TM 09211A-14&P Operation and Maintenance Manual for the Tray ration Heating System

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